BYOD – What’s the risk?

It’s convenient for your staff to use their own mobiles for work. But it also puts you at huge risk… There’s a concept called BYOD – which stands for Bring Your Own Device. You might not have heard of that term, but you probably do it. It’s where your staff use their own mobile, iPad […]

Bitdefender protects customers from BadRabbit Ransomware

There is a new wave of ransomware attack, #BadRabbit, which struck on October 24th and has hit the market worldwide. All our Bitdefender customers are safe. Endpoints running Bitdefender GravityZone and Bitdefender Elite were protected from zero hour against this attack wave and they are NOT impacted by this new family of ransomware. Bitdefender GravityZone security solutions detected this threat as Gen:Heur.Ransom.BadRabbit.1 and Gen:Variant.Ransom.BadRabbit.1.  It’s worth noting that the new Bitdefender Elite suite with HyperDetect caught BadRabbit back in July, […]

What is the Cloud?

The Guide this month is about the Cloud, You’ve probably heard of the cloud and you certainly use it every day without realising it. But maybe you’d find it hard to explain cloud computing to someone else…? Why not watch our non-techy, non-jargony guide to what the Cloud is and how you might benefit.

HTTPS and your online security

This morning I have come across an article by the folks over at, the article explains how to look out for “dodgy” websites, why we should check for https (or the padlock symbol) in a website address and why you should not rely on it. This is definitely worth a read – HTTPS Protection

Bitdefender Anti-Virus 2017 is here…..

Bitdefender Anti-Virus 2017 Bitdefender Anti-Virus 2017 is finanly upon us and we are pleased to announce that we can offer this fantastic leading class product on a monthly subscription basis. If you are looking for an Anti-Virus solution that will detect, protect, anticipate and takes action on known viruses, ransomware and zero-day threats quickly, then […]

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