Snowed in but still working

Snowed in but still working.

England is often ill prepared for snow, only major roads will be gritted and cleared. People will not go to work as they cannot get out of their villages
or it will take them hours to do so with risk of getting stuck on the way.

My journey to our office in Towcester takes me approximately 20 minutes, 80% of my journey is on back roads and there are a few small but not insignificant
inclines I’d rather not deal with in the snow.

Assuming conditions do not improve, come Monday morning I will not be giving a second thought to getting in my car. Instead I will have a lie in, commute 30
paces up the stairs to my home office and continue to work as if nothing were any different.

We believe that not being able to get to work should not stop you doing work. For this reason every part of our business (except our post) can be completed
from almost anywhere with an internet connection.

We have a standing agreement that should weather cause travel issues we will work from home. Our phones will still ring, we will answer them just as if we were in the office. We will respond to our emails as normal, continue coding and developing as usual, responding to support tickets as normal.

Remote working is possible for most businesses out there; many of our clients are able to send their employees home in the event of Power or Internet outages
where they can continue to work.

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